Salon-Level Treatment at Home

Every time you visit the hair salon, you go with a sole purpose: to come out looking better than when you stepped in. Whether you go for a basic trim or a full new hairstyle, you are there change and improve something about how your hair feels and looks, right?

Usually, hairstylists or professionals suggest applying a repairing treatment in addition to the selected services. These professional treatments are like a spa day for your hair, especially if it’s undergone a chemical treatment like bleaching. Treating the hair cuticle with high-quality products ensures that your hair doesn’t suffer the consequences of a chemical procedure. Realistically, most of us don’t have the time to visit the salon once or twice a week to maintain that beautiful “after-salon” effect. But what if I told you that you can give your hair that same treatment and those long-lasting results at the convenience of your own time and space? 

A treatment made for you

This is not even close to an exaggeration. Like a hairstylist, The Hair Routine has studied and perfected a method – which originates in Brazil –  to analyze your hair needs and required care and providing you with a personal analysis and agenda of treatments according to the results. 

Why this method?

All hair types can thrive and reach their most perfect condition if constantly receiving these three elements: water, oil, and protein. Water re-hydrates the strands and will add flexibility, oil provides nurture to the hair structure that reflects in a healthy glow, and finally, the right quantity of protein rebuilds and strengthens the hair structure. After completing an online test, a diagnosis, along with a personalized Hair Routine, will be provided to guide you with the process of replenishing hair with water, oil, and protein at the right time and quantities.

The treatments

The Hair Routine has developed an array of high-performance hair treatments, each with the purpose of giving the hair water, oil, or protein. The three treatments  Moisture, Nurture, and Repair – are made with the highest grade ingredients and process to guarantee professional results that are constant, long-lasting, and real. 

How to follow a Hair Routine right for me?

To follow your Hair Routine, take the test and get your results right away! You can also book a 45-minutes expert consultation with The Hair Talk.  A detailed analysis of your hair situation to guide you along with a personalized routine that will work according to your schedule and specific case.