Before and After The Hair Routine: Real Life Review

How The Hair Routine Saved My Hair: Renata’s POV

My personal hair care journey began the day I met Clarissa. We met in 2016 and I fell in love with the way she takes care of her hair. Every time I saw her it looked so healthy and beautiful and she seemed so passionate and willing to answer all hair related questions. 

I had never really done much to my hair at the time and  used a regular, pharmacy shampoo and conditioner. When I was 15 or 16 years old, wavy hair was not considered beautiful or in fashion so I was straightening it with a flat iron almost every day.  Eventually, it became very dry and got to a point where I had to cut all the damaged ends so that it could grow healthy again.

Later on, when I was in my mid twenties, I bleached my hair a couple of times. The first time I did it, it was a balayage and I loved it. My hair did not seem severely damaged at the time so a few months later I did it again. The second time did not go so well and my hair was destroyed. The mid section and the ends became very thin and dry and I was bummed with how unhealthy it felt.

* Before The Hair Routine

It was such an invisible process. It is so scary how you don’t notice anything until it’s too late. I was damaging my hair little by little without really seeing any bad consequences at first, until finally there was that one last chemical procedure that really did it for me and my hair was done.  Then I met Clari. 

When we first met, one of the first subjects we bonded over was hair. I could tell right away she knew a lot about the subject and I was particularly interested in how she learned all of it as part of her heritage growing up in Brazil. She talked to me about the “cronograma capilar”, the capillary schedule, and the importance of following a routine that is right for your hair.

She explained, “ hair basically only needs three main elements to stay healthy: water, oil, and protein. And combining these three in the right way for each hair type makes the biggest difference”. 

Read on: What is The Hair Routine and Why Follow It? 


After a quick diagnosis of my hair Clarissa, recommended a hair routine that was based on the Brazilian hair care method for me to follow. One of the biggest challenges at the time was finding the right treatments in Canada, so she gave me a list of ingredients to make my own hair masks. To moisturize my hair (water), I was doing hair masks that included Provitamin Panthenol B5. To nurture it (oil), I made deep treatments using coconut and olive oil To repair it (protein) I was using a Brazilian serum of amino acids. I began to see improvement right away.

I noticed positive changes after just one month of following my routine with the homemade treatments and I decided to continue.  I didn’t want to make my own treatments because it was time consuming so I ordered a few hair masks from Brazil but knew that in the long run, this wasn’t a sustainable solution. 



A few months later, Clarissa gave me the amazing news that she was launching her own line of hair care products that included a Balancing Bundle and the three hair masks needed to follow a complete hair routine:  The Moisture Treatment to deal with water absorption and retention, The Nurture Treatment to replenish the strands with oil, and The Repair Treatment to give strength to the damaged strands through protein.

Without giving it a second thought, I bought all of them to continue giving my hair what it deserves. The Hair Routine and their products saved my hair and gave me a simple, yet effective, way of keeping it healthy for the rest of my life. 

How to Follow The Hair Routine? 

Download The Hair Routine's new app. Answer the online hair test and immediately receive a personalized routine that can be synced to your calendar and that gives you notifications. Additionally, you can subscribe for smart delivery and receive the products only when you’re about to run out; never more, never less.

For example, Renata runs out of the Moisture Treatment faster because her routine calls for more water replenishment, so she receives it every 2 months. On the other hand, The Repair Treatment lasts her longer because she only needs protein scarcely throughout her routine, she receives it every 8 or 9 months. 

The Hair Routine Changed My Hair 

* After The Hair Routine 

I could not thank Clarissa and The Hair Routine enough, they’ve really helped me improve my hair and the relationship I have with it. I know first hand that The Hair Routine has also helped others out there. If you have a story like mine, share it with the team so that others feel inspired to start their journey with a hair care routine.