Hair Transitioning…What does it mean?

To undergo a process of transition can only mean one thing: change.

“Change is good”, at least that’s what people say. I believe it. No matter who you are or what you do, if you want to change something about yourself, I say “go ahead”! It’s your body, it’s your life, take the wheel and just do it. Because if you never try, you’ll never know.

I didn’t realize it before, but transitioning is such a buzzword in the beauty industry nowadays. It’s a transformation undergone to become one’s true self, and it can variate from letting your skin or hair flourish, all the way to changing your sex. Transitioning can go in many directions, nevertheless, it must always be about YOU and feeling comfortable with yourself.

Hair Transition

I’ve been exposed to this subject by Clarissa, founder of The Hair Routine. In the hair care world, transitioning means stopping all treatments that are meant to change the true nature of the strands and going au naturel with your hair. And she is all in for it!

Pro’s and Con’s

We debated on how the beauty and fashion industries have set certain hairstyles as the stereotypes of a “perfect hair”, and how it affects thousands of women around the world. Long story short, we had a very long discussion about what people should or shouldn’t do with their hair. And when I finally admitted that I believe some people have it easier than others when it comes to hair styling, she supported her point of view by showing me some shocking pictures of women who have undergone capillary transitioning.  I was completely in “awhh!”. You could see the confidence in their faces. Who wouldn’t want to at least try this? What if, we could liberate ourselves from these stereotypes and just love and care every bit of ourselves?

What to expect when transitioning?

Everyone has a different relationship with their hair, but learning to accept it – I was born with this hair, I might as well love it and take care of it – can be incredibly liberating. WORK IT!!! Follow a hair routine to see the best results!

Letting your hair natural can be a very powerful form of self-love and self-expression, you just have to trust the process and trust yourself. Don’t forget, you are beautiful the moment you start believing you ARE beautiful.

‘till next time,