Hair Care by the Pool

It’s boring to swim by the edge without being able to refresh and have some fun. Some of the most common reasons why we don’t like to fully submerge in the water are:

1. You’ll lose your hairstyle (if you blow-dry, straighten, style it, etc.). There is no solution for this except to let your hair be and keep it natural. The best way to start is following a Hair Routine that is specific to your type of hair and lifestyle. Get your Hair Routine now. 

2.  The damage from chlorine or sea salt that will leave your hair dry and brittle. Good news, I researched and tested and there are is a solution!

Because I truly want you to enjoy your time in the water and at the same time feel confident that your hair will be protected, here are some of my best tips before and after swimming.

Hair Care by the Pool | The Hair Routine


Before going swimming in the pool or the ocean:

Soak your hair. 

Get your hair wet before going for a swim.  Yes, this might sound weird but if the cuticles absorb clean water before… then there will be not much room left to absorb water from the pool or the ocean. Also, this will make it easier for you to apply a leave-in for protection.

Use protection.

Apply a silicone-free leave-in from your roots all the way to the ends evenly. It is important to use a silicone-free product so I highly recommend using the Balancing Conditioner from The Hair Routine because it has the ideal pH levels to close the cuticles and protect the hair shaft.  Another alternative to natural conditioner is using natural oils like Agan or Olive oil.

Keep it together.

Braid your hair or tie it in a bun to prevent breakage and additional damage from splashing around.

After the pool or the ocean:

Rinse thoroughly. 

If it’s a washing day, fantastic, do so with extra attention on the scalp. If it is not, go with co-washing to clear it from the chlorine or the salts and dirt from the ocean. 

ATTENTION! I do not recommend washing the hair with shampoo every day even if you went swimming. This will double damage your hair: pool/ocean + shampoo = damage for sure. Use the no-poo technique to get the job done! 


Use a little bit of apple cider mixed with water to close the cuticles. You may also use carbonated soda to completely rinse off any chlorine left from the pool. 

Cold finish.

After cleansing your hair and scalp with a shampoo and/or conditioner, use cold water to rinse it off, this will leave your hair looking shiny and feeling extra healthy after all the environmental damage. 

Last but not least.

Follow your Hair Routine, and if you don’t have one…GET ONE!