Breaking FREE from the Damage Cycle

I was completely dependant on hot hair tools and aggressive chemicals. Blow dryer, straightener, curler, chemical treatments, you name it! I used them all thinking my hair looked healthier when I did, but they were actually damaging it more and more every time. Looking back, I was blow-drying my hair after every shower and I had to start straightening at least two hours before going out. Honestly, I wasn’t comfortable with my natural hair.

I don’t need to do that anymore! Getting into the Hair Routine Method was the best decision I've made.  Doing so freed up my time, and gave me more options with my hair. Now, I’m confident that no matter how it dries, I’m going to look and feel great!


It’s so important to maintain your hair healthy and care for it as we do with our skin... I can not stress this enough. To walk down the street thinking, “This is as authentic as it gets, the real me, AND I FEEL EFFING BEAUTIFUL”.